Wednesday, February 02, 2011

Daily 5 - Year 2, Day 170

Today's Daily 5:
  1. - such a great thing to able to watch/listen to fantastic worship and teaching live or archived online (this is what I play at night when I'm at home instead of at mom and dad's to help me sleep through the crazyness that is grandma's house)
  2. taking time to process and work through a book I read a while ago
  3. a nectarine for breakfast
  4. 1 year, 170 days of making these lists
  5. having wireless internet access at school
  6. Cheetos puffs - yep, normally a healthy food kind of girl, or a least a real food kind of girl.  But I have a weakness for the soft, airpuffed, bright orange cheezies.  So good!
  7. lunch with my friend A. from house church today
  8. yoga class tonight - different teacher again, but still good
  9. how fun is it that the lay there and relax at the end of the yoga practice music tonight included Johnny Cash's rendition of "Hurt" - I seriously love that song.  Plus, the other teacher, who does provide a better workout than the teacher tonight, always plays this song that starts with chanting of "hare krishna" and then transitions into Amazing Grace, before transitioning back to the chanting.  It drives me crazy that they combine the chanting with Amazing Grace, and it drives me more crazy that the dang chanting then gets stuck in my head all week.  Not okay with that.  So, "Hurt" - definitely a way better option on multiple levels!
  10. smooth bus connection to get home after yoga
  11. chocolate chip cookie reward post yoga
  12. comfy pajamas
  13. a surprise phone call from a friend
  14. finding reasons to laugh
  15. crashing and resting