Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Tuesday Morning

It's almost 9:30 on Tuesday morning, and I am still in bed.

I've graduated to a sitting position, and I've swallowed my morning batch of vitamins, and I'm eating the breakfast I somehow remembered to set on my bedside table last night, but I'm still in bed.

Tuesdays are good for this.  My classes for the day don't start until 3:30 this afternoon, so Tuesdays can accommodate my body's preferred sleep schedule, which these days seems to run from around midnight to eight or one in the morning until nine.  This is not a practical sleep schedule for a real world life, but it works just nicely for a student.

And, speaking of sleep, for those of you who have followed here for a long time, and know my challenges in that particular area, these days I'm actually getting some.  After a year of taking supplements, getting natural health treatments, and well, the elimination of some major stressors, most nights I sleep at least four or five hours before waking, and can usually manage another 2-4 hours after waking.  I'm not ready to try sleep without supplementation of melatonin yet, but this thing where I can actually feel rested?  I like it.  I hope it sticks around.

So, this morning I'm going to sit in bed and write this post, and then I'm going to sit in bed and tackle the last lesson in my medical terminology class - a class which basically involves memorizing a huge variety of long and not so useful words, plus the greek bases, prefixes and suffixes that make up those words.  There's a quiz on Friday, so, once I've tackled the last lesson, and made the last set of flashcards, I'll be spending the remainder of the week working to memorize the vast amounts of information that those cards contain.

But, here's what I'm wondering - do we really need words that are this specific?  Words like melangeophilous, meaning "dwelling in loam" and emetomania, meaning, "a morbid desire to vomit."  Also, if these are really words, why does my spell checker have a heart attack every time I type them? It makes me question my competence in spelling.

I feel productive when I have time to accomplish a number of things from my "to do" list for the day before I ever truly leave bed and my pajamas.  There's something lovely about being super productive before ever dressing for the day.

And with that, I'm wrapping up this blog post, and off to tackle that last lesson that really is all Greek to me!


Ally said...

Lisa, if i may ask-

What do you usually eat for breakfast that you're able to put out on your bedside table? Granola bar, fruit perhaps? i'm not a breakfast eater (truth be told, i'm not much of an eater :-/) but one of my goals this year is to consistently eat breakfast. i wonder whether it might be helpful to do what you've done, set it out on my nightstand the night before and even eat in bed. Hmm...

Lisa said...

Ally - you can totally ask :)

Eating is not always my strong suit either, but lately I've been noticing that if I do make the effort to eat breakfast and regular meals, it has helped with managing mood swings and energy levels.

As far as breakfast goes, I force myself to eat it - I'm not a breakfast eater either. This morning I had an apple for breakfast. I usually stick to apples, grapes, bananas. Sometimes I eat a fruit cup (canned peaches or pears or mango or whatever), or fruit leather, or yep, granola bars. I've even been known to just have crackers, or a handful of peanuts (though I'm not sure those last ones qualify as a meal, so I usually try to pair them with some fruit or something!) Sometimes, if I really can't stomach the idea of "real" food, I'll just make sure that I have a juice box of all natural (no additives, actually made from fruit) juice. I figure I'm still getting the nutrients from the fruit, but it's in a more palatable form :)

Hope that helps! :D