Saturday, December 04, 2010

Reverb 10: Day 4 - Wonder

Today's Reverb10 prompt:

December 4 – Wonder.
How did you cultivate a sense of wonder in your life this year?
(Author: Jeffrey Davis)

Wonder.  Hmm...

Only two words into this post, and I'm using my favorite piece of punctuation, the ellipsis.  Though, in the case of writing about wonder, maybe the trailing off pause that it brings is the most appropriate punctuation possible.

I wrote the other day that this has been the year of deconstruction.  Deconstruction isn't the easiest playing field on which to cultivate wonder.  Unless of course you're referring to the sense of completely overwhelmed "my life is a soap opera" awe that I've spent days and weeks bemusedly marveling at over the last twelve months.

I've learned to truly be in awe of the funny ways God works.

Of little things that confirm timing and place.

I've learned to embrace wonder by learning to embrace being me.

To embrace that I find wonder in things others are going to pass by. 

That palm trees that grow outdoors, and standing in a driveway smelling the fresh floral scents I'd only ever experienced in an indoor botanical garden are things that are bound to make me giggle with delight.

That sitting and watching the gorillas at the zoo is one of my favorite peaceful spots.

That the embrace of a friend who has seen all the messy stuff and loves anyway is the best place to be.

That childlike stuff is a stress reliever.

That Disneyland can be an escape, even for an introvert who hates crowds.

That an anonymous gift at a time when there are finances, but they're tight - a gift just large enough to cover the vast majority of my (admittedly shorter than usual this year) Christmas shopping list - can be a remarkable blessing and reminder of being seen and provided for.

It's been the little moments in between major crises this year that have taught me to wonder.  To find joy in the moments that might have passed by before the days got hard and I began to discipline myself to notice anything in my day that brought even the tiniest smile.  And finding wonder in the little things makes the big things that much more beautiful to stand in awe of when they come around as well.