Saturday, December 04, 2010

Daily 5 - Year 2, Day 111

Today's Daily 5:
  1. Did the vast majority of my Christmas shopping in one quick stop at an unusual location this morning.
  2. had the surprise opportunity to get a ride to the grocery store, and am stocked up on frozen lunches for the next couple weeks of working
  3. A very sweet friend volunteered to chauffeur me around the city to a few appointments and social engagements today.  It was delightful to have not only the break from the bus, but the fun of being with a friend and laughing and talking
  4. An appointment this morning that was very helpful in processing the latest crazy blows life has sent my way
  5. lunch with the friend who chauffeured me today, catching up without the "distraction" of driving
  6. Attending a baby shower for a very dear friend today
  7. getting to catch up with that friend
  8. getting to catch up with that friend's husband, sister, and mom
  9. great conversations all throughout the day
  10. much laughter
  11. sitting in a room that bubbled over with joy and conversation in two different languages - my mother tongue of English, and Spanish, the language my heart has been so drawn to, and longs to learn in a way that will truly allow me to communicate
  12. an unexpected ride home from the baby shower
  13. an evening spent curled up in bed, no pressure, just sipping tea and catching up on some reading, viewing, and writing.
  14. The latest episode of Grey's Anatomy - the monologue was particularly striking, and I think I've watched the episode three times in the last 24 hours (while working on other things).  You can find a transcription of the monologue here.
  15. a weekend break
  16. croissants


Jenny said...

what a lovely day!
Lisa, your blog is officially my first blog of the day to visit :0)



Lisa said...

How fun to be first on your list!

hugs and blessings to you, Jenny!

Jenny said...

and visiting again tonight has, for some reason, restored a missing task bar on my PC! Hurrah for ofalltheliars!

Hope you feel much better after your sleep - so restorative to curl up somewhere safe and just let go into sleep.


Lisa said...

how fun and funny :)

peace to you as well!