Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Daily 5 - Year 2, Day 135

Today's Daily 5:
  1. A pretty mellow day to round out my time off before heading back to work tomorrow morning for the last couple days of my temporary contract
  2. going to bed in freshly washed pajamas
  3. watching the Anne of Green Gables movies over the last couple of days
  4. a long hot shower
  5. a free sample of body butter that came in the mail, and slathering it on my legs after my shower
  6. wearing my hair curly two days in a row
  7. smooth sorting out of a problem with my VISA card 
  8. getting some errands (including a few I wasn't expecting to do) done
  9. Spending $8 total for a really cute new hat and a pair of great earrings
  10. going shopping with mom - time with her, and a small purchase was her birthday present
  11. a natural health treatment
  12. getting a ride home, with all my stuff, after being at mom and dad's for several days in a row
  13. hemp lip balm from The Body Shop
  14. a glass water bottle, with a silicone protector around it.  love that I have a glass bottle
  15. really good homemade fried rice for supper
  16. getting passport photos taken, at a very affordable cost, for BOTH of the passports I need to apply for/renew in the next month or so
  17. a big mug of tea upon my arrival home, while unpacking, cleaning, and tackling other tasks
  18. working on marking items off a list
  19. 10 minute yoga
  20. Lindt hazelnut chocolate balls