Wednesday, December 29, 2010

In the Office

I'm back at work today and tomorrow, fufilling the last two days of my temporary contract.

I can't quite express how much of a gift this job was in this season.

It was a gift in that it provided financially for me, but also in that, amidst all the things going on in my life that I can't talk about explicitly here, God knew I needed a distraction.  That another month of sitting around at home for most of each day wouldn't have worked.

It was a gift in that it was redemptive.  After a long season of working for an organization that was founded on Christian principles, but seemed to bend those as needed to allow for maximum profit, it has been incredibly redemptive to work for an organization that exists to meet very real and specific needs for the underprivileged in my city.  It's been a blessing to get to be the hands that met some of those needs.  It's been special to get to spread some tangible joy and relief, especially in the Christmas season when (even for me) those are so often lacking.

And so, I'm in the office today and tomorrow, doing administrative clean-up after the last month of crazyness.

And I'm thankful.

I'm making plans for Friday and next week (starting with a trip to the Canadian passport office early Friday morning), but mostly I'm enjoying a quieter day at the office, marking a few tasks off my list, and having some time to sit quietly and thank God for this job, and pray blessings on the organizations future, as well as begin to turn my heart toward my own future plans.