Monday, October 25, 2010

Daily 5 - Year 2, Day 71

Today's Daily 5:
(An introduction to the Daily 5 can be found here.)
  1. Waking up slowly, and semi-rested
  2. mango juice box with a straw
  3. homemade chocolate chip cookies
  4. a very positive job interview
  5. a great conversation over coffee with a M, a relatively new friend
  6. marking things that needed to be done off of my list
  7. packing for a week's break from grandma's while house-sitting at mom and dad's
  8. playing a little part in this crazy movement to get the Blue Like Jazz movie made
  9. chatting and laughing and snarking a bit while catching up with a dear friend
  10. encouraging themes reappearing over and over the last several days


Anonymous said...

11. surviving snow on the ground. ;-)

Lisa said...

well, dang, if we're going to count that, I have a guaranteed item every day almost from now until May. (barring any days if I manage to travel someplace without snow!)

I forgot though...

12. watching The Amazing Race
13. watching an old episode of Grey's
14. several cups of tea
15. leftover mizithra from Spaghetti Factory for supper