Saturday, October 23, 2010

Daily 5 - Year 2, Day 69

Today's Daily 5:
  1. 3400 blog posts.  That's right.  Over the last five and a bit years, I've showed up here 3400 times.  Very cool.
  2. Some reminders of truth late last night from a friend that I hung onto today as I walked some things out.
  3. Laughing as I came out of an appointment this afternoon and discovered a text message with what is becoming a semi-daily random fact from a friend.
  4. Laughing harder as the text message has been followed up with a number of ridiculous emails including more random facts
  5. peanut m&m's
  6. seeing God's hand in some little details I wouldn't have paused to consider, but found so very encouraging as I journey
  7. my favorite country singer was the preacher at a local church tonight, and I had the chance to go hear him.  It was great to hear him share genuinely the things God has been sharing with him lately.  and very fun to get to hear him sing a relatively new song that he'd written in response to an overseas trip as well.
  8. I loved this post from Allie Dearest today... I so know this place and it encouraged me to read the words of someone else describing it.
  9. taking a brief break, and staying at mom and dad's tonight, in the midst of a busy weekend
  10. finding reasons to laugh, and choosing joy, amidst exhaustion.


Anonymous said...

ridiculous emails, huh? that won't solicit you many more facts ;-)

Lisa said...


to be fair, the content of the last email was three fairly innocuous words, which on their own would be fine, but which combined together, and with a subject line, made me actually almost snort with laughter :)

I think they might fall in the category of crazy ridiculous, since they contained crazy ridiculous facts!

Anonymous said...

well don't discount all those others................ ;-)

i'm still looking for a list that includes something about expressing honest sentiments about fruitcakes being acceptable there.

Lisa said...

laughing so hard right now! :)

and yes, the list was fabulous, as were the follow ups!

acceptable fruitcakes indeed... you don't even need to travel very far for that... I can help with that need!