Saturday, October 23, 2010

On the bus

I seem to spend half my life these days on city transit, and today is no exception!

Given how much time I spend on the bus, I thought it was time to get an app for my iPhone that would let me blog easily while I'm traveling around the city.

This is it! The first post written on my phone! Hurrah for technology!

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Anonymous said...

I did that on my itouch for when I'm overseas!

Have you found an app with the bus schedule? I found a great one in San Fran for public transport for when I met KLB up there...I should go hunting to see if there's anything interesting for the ME...b/c I am sure there's nothing about my March destination which shall remain nameless on here! Ha!

Hugs, friend!

Lisa said...

The directions feature on the google maps app isn't too bad for bus schedules. City transit doesn't have one - I don't live in a very transit friendly city!

And yes! You'll have to see if there's anything for the ME... I'm curious to know what you find!

Laughing and waiting for my fact of the day on your march destination :)

Just hit China town and the bus is an experience again!

Hugs back friend! :)

Jenny said...

Yaaay (again!) that's fantastic. Mobile posts!
You could give us your five list from the bus... about the bus?!