Thursday, September 23, 2010


I'm needing to make a list, just for my own clarity.

These are some of the things I need to accomplish (or begin working on) today:
  • buy a sympathy card for a friend who lost a parent in the last few days
  • stop at an office supply shop
  • check if a particular tea shop is hiring
  • start unpacking my suitcase
  • write a blog post (complete with pictures) about my trip
  • figure out a schedule that will force some things I really need to be paying attention to to actually happen
  • catch up on some emails
  • catch up on some pre-scheduled blog posts
  • read an email about US passport requirements, and begin the process of applying for mine, to make cross border travel even easier; carrying two passports seems like a good plan if I'm going to spend a bit more time in the US in the future
  • see if I can figure out a way to go to Ikea... looking for a few cheap ways to make a hard living space a bit more liveable
  • figure out a way to incorporate a bit of creating back into my life
  • sit with a journal

Things I've accomplished without yet getting out of bed:
  • made a phone call determining that as long as I don't send more than 250 texts a month, texting is a new viable way to keep in touch with a friend far away
  • written down a dream that shook, and processed another shaking moment that came upon waking, and managed to fight off the incessant weight of it again, to be able to laugh a little at the realities that bring those moments that cause shaking
  • watched several episodes of Grey's anatomy on dvd
  • allowed myself to simply rest
Realistically, many of the things on that first list won't be done today, but if even some of them get started, that's something.  I'm needing to celebrate and acknowledge the "somethings" right now, and not be overwhelmed by the stuff that just doesn't happen.


Anonymous said...

Tip on the passport thing, when you get passport photos taken, find someone or someplace (we have many stores that you can now do it very 20 cents) with a colour copier and make a few colour copies of your pass photo and use them for the next time you need photos for visa or other paperwork...then you don't have to pay the crazy amount for those silly little photos that are the specific size every time :-)

I need to blog about your trip too :-)

Lisa said...

ooo... this is a good tip. just copies on regular paper, though? or better paper?

I've got a US passport to apply for, and a Canadian one to renew, so I'm going to be paying for quite a few of those goofy little pictures in the next couple of months!

can't wait to see what you blog :)

Anonymous said...

Copy them onto photo paper. I have used both photo paper on a colour printer/copier at home and also the ones at stores like the Kodak machines (we have them at Target, Walmart, grocery stores, Kinkos photocopying type stores - not sure what sort of equivalent you might have) - but really anyplace that colour copies probably has some photo paper.

I did about a dozen extra copies from the two originals b/c once I did one set then I could do them as four at a time and cut them out and I've used them for everything since. It's been lovely! :-) (And way cheaper!)

Lisa said...

sweet! I'm definitely going to do that for the non passport ones where I don't need all the official notations on them :)

thanks friend!