Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Disneyland (California Part 5)

For nearly as long as I've known Lisa, I've known that she escapes to Disneyland in the same way that I escape to the Calgary Zoo to sit and visit with the gorillas.  She's also been telling me as long as we've been talking that Disneyland would be a must if I ever came to visit, and, once I actually booked plane tickets, I got a few emails telling me which specific day we would spend at Disneyland, based on her perusal of the Disney website and which rides would be open when.

I knew I'd absolutely enjoy spending a day at Lisa's favorite escape, but I'll admit here (and I admitted to her) that I was skeptical that a place known for people and crowds could actually be an escape for a more introverted, need time away from people, kind of person.  I just couldn't figure out how that would be an escape! 

It was!  It was a fantastic day, made all the more fun by Lisa's vast collection of knowledge about the park and how the "magic" actually happens.  I couldn't believe how time slid by, tried things I would have never tried if I wasn't with a friend I trusted, and generally had a great time.  I'll admit that when I closed my eyes that night, my dreams were spinning a little - as a first time experience it was perhaps almost overstimulating, but I'm eager to visit again and work past that feeling of overstimulation!

 The two of us together at the other Lisa's favorite escape.

 Hidden Mickey!
 Because the weather was - and the weather at home in Calgary that day involved snow!
 I was assured that one could not come to Disneyland for the first time and not meet Mickey.
 Because this cracked me up, and the sign somehow felt apropos for the state of my life lately!
 Mini Palm Tree, next to the miniature Agraba - Alladin's city.
This cracked me up, too.  This is a bird, in miniature London.  It gives a great sense of scale, no?


Anonymous said...

This: "a place known for people and crowds could actually be an escape for a more introverted, need time away from people, kind of person" cracked me up since I'm that way too :-) Even the crowds at the peak of Christmas at Disneyland are worth it to see Disney magic Christmas style, though! Hee, hee. Can't wait to show you that!

Just you wait - as KLB said, a Disney pass is the sign of a REAL Californian...hee, hee. We'll get you to CA and then make you "official" someday :-)

Lisa said...

I know you're that kind of person - it's what made me really curious :)

and yes, yes... did the conversation we had tonight give you any indication of how quickly I'd like to be back to see that Christmas magic???