Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Daily 5 - Year 2, Day 44

Today's Daily 5:
  1. the sights and smells of my favorite tea shop in Kensington.  the smell of incense mixed with tea and other aromas, and lots of hippies.  totally tells me I'm in Kensington.
  2. browsing for a few minutes in a bookshop that carries unique stuff, and adding several titles to check for at the library or on Amazon to my list
  3. laughing over tea with a friend
  4. going to my favorite bakery in Chinatown (Jing Jing Bakery on Centre Street if you're wondering)
  5. getting home just in time to miss the surprise rain storm that came out of nowhere
  6. walking through downtown on a relatively warm Indian summer day
  7. spotting a "palm tree" growing outside downtown
  8. getting a big hug from mom after surprising her with a coconut tart from the Chinese bakery
  9. the little bit of happiness in my mouth after that first bite of the pork bun I detoured to the Chinatown bakery especially to purchase
  10. the smell of a bakery
  11. macdonalds comfort food for supper
  12. skype and conversation and laughter with a friend tonight


Anonymous said...

#7 - not just a "palm tree" but "California" street ;-) Hee, hee.
#12 indeed was listworthy!

Lisa said...

California street complete with my own special sign (totally giggling!)

and yes... I love that we talked about all the important stuff and also fully giggled over random things like our airport story and dog whisperers. thanks friend!

Anonymous said...

Yes, that sign is hysterical...now we need to drive around the Garment District enough to find the one I alluded to. Ha ha.

And yes about the contents of the call! Big hugs since skype doesn't allow for that :-)

P.S. The funniest thing is that silly word verification thing which is NEVER real words is "scent" - with that sign...which we didn't even say anything about in specifics so it's not even a 'word sensing' thing like google can do...just very funny.

Lisa said...

hugs back, and giggling at the word verification thing too :)