Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Daily 5 - Day 361

Today's Daily 5:
  1. Friends with talents who share them generously.  I can't afford my usual hairdresser right now, but a friend I met while being a bridesmaid at my brother's wedding is a hairdresser and when I contacted her about coming to her salon (which I knew was more affordable than where I usually go), she generously offered to cut my hair at her home at an even more reduced rate.  I have cute hair and spent the evening visiting with a friend.
  2. Macdonald's.  I know - so bad, right?  but every once in a while it's just so good, and tonight was one of those nights.
  3. a long commute to and from my friend's house on the bus, simply making space to catch up on some sermon podcasts I'd been wanting to listen to.
  4. I got a cheque in the mail today, that, once it clears my bank account, will pay off my remaining line of credit debt and significantly reduce my monthly expenses my eliminating the payments I was making.  while I was employed, though I would have preferred to invest the money elsewhere, we had a mandatory, matching RRSP program.  We contributed a mandatory amount from each paycheque, and the company matched it.  I couldn't access the money while I was employed, but once I lost my job it was mine to access.  After some thought and prayer, I decided the best use for a portion of it would be to eliminate the debt that had accumulated.  I'll still have my student loan payments to make, but the relief of having this one chunk of debt gone is sort of immense.
  5. still loving the fact that my schedule for school is a bit more relaxed this week and that I'm spending the sixth night in a row in my own bed.  I'm not sure that that has happened since I lost my job in the middle of May, and I was definitely ready to be sleeping in one place for a while, even if I don't like the place that I live.