Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Daily 5 - Day 333

Today's Daily 5 (intro to the daily 5 concept here):
  1. the mingled smells of leftover campfire and fresh, rain cleansed air this morning as I walked to the bus
  2. missing the bus I'd planned to take because it came early, but not needing to stress out about it, because this week is going more on schedule than last week
  3. fruit smoothies - my parents have this crazy superpowerful blender called a Vitamix, and most mornings mom throws a variety of whole fruit in there, turns it on, and produces healthy and tasty concoctions that go quite wonderfully with whatever I am having for breakfast
  4. I had a cup of pomegranate green tea this morning because it was cold and damp here today.  I haven't had a cup of tea in a couple of weeks, and it was wonderful to sip at while I made anatomy notes
  5. had a job interview today.  I likely won't accept the position if it is offered, as, for the moment, it's looking like school needs to be my "job" until the end of the summer, and this particular job pays rather poorly anyway, but it was fun to dust off "professional Lisa" for a couple hours.
  6. On the other hand, it was absolutely brilliant to arrive back at mom and dad's after the interview and put my jeans and hoodie back on.
  7. had kind of an emotionally trying evening and mom invited me to spend the night
  8. took advantage of spending the night at mom and dad's and relaxed with a novel in a hot bath, with a cup of rooibos tea.  apparently this was my day for tea.  long baths (or baths of any sort really, other than quick showers) aren't really a possibility at Grandma's so it's nice to take advantage of that at mom and dad's once in a while.
  9. got a treatment from mom, too, which definitely helped with the need to just relax a bit.
  10. thankful just for family - no questions tonight, just lots of love.


Anonymous said...

A vitamix? I'm moving there :-D Hee, hee. I LOVE vitamix machines :-) I had multiple blog posts about them....(now taken down...long story)

Fun fun!

Lisa said...

Ah yes... but you'd never survive the winters :)

and yes, I seem to recall those posts too... I'll collect the long story at some point :)