Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Silences and Scheduled Posts

I'm feeling less spontaneous in my writing these days.  Less like sharing every single thing that crosses my heart and mind.  I've been walking in some odd, deep, (scary, wonderful) places this last while, and they're not things that I can fully put words around.

And, I'm finding that I want to spend less time with my laptop open in front of me.  I sit in front of it for school, and I generally leave my email open when I'm nearby and home in the evenings, but in those inbetween times, on weekends or evenings, or when I'm out and about, I'm wanting to wonder less about what's going on in my online world.  I'm needing to rest from blogging and facebooking and twittering, and emailing, and I'm mostly doing it on weekends.

That means that I'm not showing up here three times a day or so the way I was before I lost my job.  It means that on a weekend the only post you might see on a day is the daily 5.

And, because I'm wanting to pause and be more contemplative in what I write, it means that for the first time ever, (other than when I've been traveling), I'm consistently scheduling posts.  I did that last night for the rest of the week.  There's something different that I wanted to share with you for each weekday morning.  And, I'm pleased with the posts, because, while they do contain links to other places, I had the time to sit and share my heart a bit, to tell stories and explain why those particular links are catching at me, how they're part of larger themes that God is building in my life.

So, you can expect posts on a regular basis still, but they may not be all that spontaneous.  I've been thinking more about writing lately, and feeling the need to craft it with care, not just spew whatever thoughts spring to the surface.  And, to be honest, in the midst of this new season, of studying hours and hours a day, and of working through internal woundings and walking and talking with various friends, I'm feeling the need to be careful in my word choices, to treasure some things within me until they really take root.

The daily 5 isn't changing, and neither is the fact that I love this blog and I'll be here regularly.  I'm just needing to share that the way I'm choosing to write here is changing too, as my heart changes and grows and is shaped by the various seasons of life.


Anonymous said...

Happy to hear from you in any form, friend!

Lisa said...

thanks :)

Jenny said...

I agree.
It's your blog, sister!

JEnny said...

I'm so impressed by how you're applying yourself to your study. Bravo!

Lisa said...

thanks Jenny :)