Friday, June 25, 2010


The kind of week I've had this week, with it's crazy ups and downs, it's internal struggles causing distraction amidst the need for intense focus, reminds me to be thankful.  To celebrate the little things.  Things like:
  1. The fact that it's not even 11am on Friday morning and I've finished making all of the anatomy chapter notes that I set out to accomplish this week.  There's lots of review left, but the notes are done.
  2. Hugging friends
  3. chocolate
  4. a hot shower in between bouts of studying - so thankful that my "office" these days is in mom and dad's basement and comes equipped with a shower and a yoga mat, and three meals a day, plus snacks, all for the low price of some chores around the house and cooking a few of those meals.
  5. little notes from friends and family that have brought smiles
  6. wearing comfy slippers
  7. playing simple games on the internet for a break or a distraction
  8. blogging friends
  9. favorite quotes.
  10. pumpkin cookies
  11. a day where focus comes more easily, and the distractions recede for a while
  12. falling asleep to and waking up to worship and preaching online from a church I love in California
  13. sunshine (finally!)
I'm going to choose to celebrate the simple things that are bringing smiles today.  And remember how grateful I am for each of those little blessings.