Monday, April 26, 2010

Smile List (The Mid-Day Version)

I need to make a smile list.  It's just one of those days.  I'll be by later with the regular "daily 5" (which might have duplicates today).  But for now, I need to list some reasons to smile.
  • Because it's been one of those days, and because of the "Sunday" hangover that I mentioned this morning, I decided on a whim to text one of my long-time friends (the only one really left in Calgary) and see if we could have coffee sometime soon.  I got a phone-call back almost immediately, and we have a coffee date scheduled for tomorrow night.  This is bringing a huge smile to my face.  I could badly use an evening with the kind of long-time friend who knows all the stories and all the crap, and wants to hang out anyway.
  • I had left-over Vietnamese food for lunch.
  • I spent the lunch hour playing a computer game I enjoy.
  • It's payroll day!  I actually mostly enjoy the challenge of doing payroll, and that's what's on my agenda for the afternoon.
  • I got an encouraging email from a dear friend today.
  • There's not much on the agenda for tonight.  Some cooking, maybe some yoga.  That in itself is a relief.
  • I've decided to scrounge in my budget to make massages a monthly event, and not a bi-monthly event.  That means half the year will be covered by my insurance, and the other half by me.  But it also means that I get a great massage once a month!