Monday, April 26, 2010

Daily 5 - Day 256

Today's Daily 5:
  1. reading Sara Miles' "Jesus Freak".  Much like when I read "Take This Bread" a few years back, her words are speaking deeply to my journey right now.
  2. talked for a few minutes on the phone today with a long-time good friend.  It was so good to hear his voice and hear hope in it again, and I'm excited to hang out with him tomorrow and catch up properly.
  3. cooked my own dinner tonight, and froze six meals for the future.
  4. green grapes
  5. The team of cowboys on "The Amazing Race" - totally love them!
  6. Watched an interview with Bill Johnson on tonight.  I was really impressed with his comments on setting boundaries around his family to protect them from the pastor's family fish bowl.
  7. found some photos of T & L's first date that they had lost in a computer crash.  I had a copy of them on my hard-drive.
  8. Wore my favorite ballet flats to work today
  9. Did payroll at work - I like the challenge, and I love that because I do some work, our staff will have paycheques waiting in their bank accounts later this week.
  10. Got my internet bill, and it was $0.  I wrote a letter complaining about poor service when I moved a couple months ago, and to thank me for my loyalty and keep my business, they're giving me two free months of service, which I thought was really cool, since I simply wrote the letter to let them know about some service issues they might want to correct, and I wasn't really looking for compensation, other than a credit they'd already given me for the few days of service I didn't receive.