Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Random Tuesday

These are some of the random things I'm thinking about this morning:
  • a passage from Sara Miles' "Jesus Freak" that I read last night (more on that later today, I think)
  • q-tips can be a dangerous implement if you're clumsy and not quite awake yet. 
  • After three mornings of starting work early, I've made up for the time I was late last week due to my eye appointment.  Thankfully, this week's Thursday morning medical appointment is already covered - I took half a personal day, and don't have to be in to the office until 1:00 that day.
  • I had a really bad customer service experience at the Bell Store the other day.  I was trying to price iphone plans (looking at getting an upgrade!) and the guy behind the desk could not have been less interested in answering my questions.  In fact, he had a text book obviously spread open on the counter, and paused, while waiting for the computer as he looked up my account information, to make notes on a cue card.  (Can you say "final that I've not properly studied for tomorrow"?)  He then looked straight at me, punched up his tone with attitude, and said, "It doesn't matter anyway, we don't have any iphones in stock."  Oh, well, excuse me for offering you a sale if you'd just answered my questions.  I've left a message for the manager of the store to call me back.  I just wish I'd remembered to get his name.
  • The trouble with reading blogs is that my list of books and music to check out becomes unmanageable.  Because I read blogs with people who have similar interests to me, when they recommend a title or an album, I generally jot the information on a post-it note, which eventually gets transferred to a notebook list of books and music that I keep at home.  I cannot read fast enough.  I'll never get through all of these books.  (Not to mention the nearly 200 titles sitting on my shelves at home that I've purchased and not read at all, or purchased and only partially read.)  I jotted down three more book titles and one album title just this morning.
  • I'm wearing the softest scarf ever today.  I wish I had whole outfits made out of this material.
I'm sure there's more, but I'll leave it there.  There is stuff on my desk asking for my attention, and I should probably pay attention to it, since, you know, that's what I get paid for!

Back later, with thoughts on Sara Miles's latest book, and how her words are again giving form to my own journey.