Thursday, April 22, 2010


I only arrived at the office about 40 minutes ago.

Today began a stream of yearly medical appointments that will occur off and on for the next week or two.

This morning was for my eyes.  It's time for new glasses again.  And, apparently, as I get older, when I'm not wearing my glasses, I have less control over my lazy eye.  This explains why it is now much more difficult to read when for one reason or other, I'm not wearing my glasses.

And so I'm here, with eyes rather sensitive to light, and an hour and a half of work time to make up over the next week or so.

But other than the fact that it is indeed time for a new pair of glasses, my eyes are apparently in good shape.

Which is good news - I'm rather attached to them.

I'm actually more cognizant of vision than ever.  Especially now.  I've spent parts of a few days this week searching for information on Alberta labor laws and the required adaptations necessary to accomodate disabled people.  Specifically blind people.  One of our staff members was told quite recently that they are most likely going blind.  And it's my job to find out what accomodations we're responsible to make for that, and how we can help her with that process.

So I'm grateful today, for another year's clean bill of eye health.  And I'm grateful to see... in so many ways.