Friday, March 05, 2010

Friday Thoughts

It's Friday.  It's sunny, and I'm wearing jeans.  These three things are contributing to a general sense of well-being at the moment.

I've finished a cup of tea, and have a long "to do" list to dive into for the day, and a longer one for once I'm home tonight.

My "at home" list includes things like:
  • meal planning
  • choose a new recipe to cook tomorrow night at mom and dad's
  • make a grocery list
  • update my budget
  • wash the sheets on my bed, and my towel
  • mail a card to some friends who just had a baby
  • catch up on some reading
  • sort the remaining boxes into piles:  the "to be put away pile", the "to go through" pile, and the "to store" pile
  • catch up on some of my favorite television online
  • upload some audio books from the library onto my ipod for future listening
  • burn some music for my mom and a sermon for T & L
  • catch up on emails
  • paint my fingernails
I'm hoping for a quiet evening, mostly uninterrupted by Grandma.  I'm looking forward to the mundane stuff of life.  To just quietly being and settling a bit.  To hopefully having the kind of quiet Friday evening I always looked forward to.  I'm feeling like I need that today.

It's Friday, and I have the gentle anticipation that I may actually get to have that quiet evening.  I'm not entirely certain, because of the variables of living at Grandma's.  But I'm cautiously hopeful.

In the meantime, it's sunny, I've finished a cup of tea, and I'm wearing jeans.  All of these are things to be thankful for.