Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Daily 5 - Day 217

This was sort of a harder day, mostly because of the really rough night last night.  The sort of day when I need to make even more of an effort to find happy things.  The things I'm thankful for or the things that make me smile.

Today's Daily 5:
  1. Thankful for a few valued friends who I know will pray if I email and ask.  Who I know pray anyway, but are definitely willing when there is something specific.
  2. Thankful for the insulated mug, especially designed for loose tea that I used for the first time tonight.  A parting gift from L., and one I will enjoy.
  3. Lemon Mango fruit infusion loose tea
  4. Carrying light to dark corners
  5. A lit candle flickering on my dresser
  6. Made it through the day - after the rough night last night, there were points of the day where I wasn't certain I would make it, at least without loosing it, but I did.  And that was a simple blessing.
  7. Listening to and enjoying an audio book the whole way home.  I'm still finding it hard to read in the traditional way for any length of time (working on gaining that attention span and concentration lost to the health struggles back)  But I'm loving the use of audio books, because listening I can do, and I have an hour or more each day, coming home via public transit, that I can devote to listening.  And I'm loving the way it's causing my brain to kick in again.  To analyze, anticipate, and engage with the stories.  To examine their effect on me and my own thoughts and beliefs.  To broaden my knowledge.
  8. TED videos - I'm loving these for the same reason as audio books right now.  Mostly, I play them in the background while I'm working, but by listening, I can expose myself to a whole variety of fascinating thinkers and ideas.  It feels good to be challenged in that way again, to feel an appetite for knowledge and engagement with the world returning to me (though perhaps tempered by the experiences of the last few years.)
  9. A brief phone conversation, and laughing with my mom tonight
  10. Still really enamored by just having cooked well the other night - had the last of that food for dinner tonight, and it was so tasty all over again.  And, my body is thanking me for healthier food choices these last few days.
  11. (Bonus!) Green grapes