Tuesday, March 23, 2010


It's only Tuesday morning and this week is overwhelming me already.

Work was nuts yesterday with the receptionist out of the office.  In between answering the phones (which picked yesterday to ring off the hook), I was frantically trying to make calls to people who are notoriously hard to reach to schedule two last minute conference calls.  I managed to handle both, but that's about all that got done yesterday.

After work I unexpectedly had the opportunity to head to mom and dad's for dinner and a treatment from mom.  So much for the "to do" list for last night.

I'm playing catch-up already.

This morning at work is for catching up if at all possible on the "it just didn't happen" tasks from yesterday.

As for the personal "to do" list, well, I'm out every night for the rest of the week, so most of that will probably have to wait for Saturday.