Friday, March 12, 2010

Brownies for Breakfast

I slept pretty well, for me anyway, so it was surprising in those moments upon waking when I realized that I had a very bad headache, and that every muscle in my neck and back that I'd injured in the car accident and fall down the stairs, after a week or two of seemingly benign behaviour, had tightened painfully.

Ibuprofen and a heat pack are the order of the day as I sit in my office today.

And because I was feeling just a little bit miserable, I had brownies for breakfast.  With a cup of pomegranate green tea.  Because caffeine is supposed to be good for the headache, and chocolate eases most woes in life.

And with that, I have much to tackle today - hoping to have a day that is productive like yesterday, but demonstrably with checkmarks on my to do lists.