Sunday, February 14, 2010

Valentines Day

I'm single, so Valentine's Day isn't really a big deal in my life.  It's just another day.  I'm not going to get flowers or chocolates today, except maybe from my grandma, who has a tendency to occasionally deliver a box of ice-cream bars to mom and dad's house on odd "holidays" like Valentine's Day.

But, ever since I was in Rome, returning just before Valentine's,  on Valentines Day I always think of being in a strange little church, and seeing the relic of St. Valentine.

I'm a history major, and I know that most relics aren't real.  I saw a few different relics while in Europe, including two relics of Paul while in Malta.  But here's the catch.  I think there's something fascinating in the veneration of relics, of the saints.  I don't have well formed opinions, just thoughts, and I am fascinated by the faith and devotion to these things.

I took a few photos of the relic of St. Valentine.  I don't have them available for upload to this post, but you can find them in a facebook album here.