Sunday, February 14, 2010

Daily 5 - Day 186

Today's Daily 5:
  1. Seeing the story of Canada's first gold medallist's relationship with his older brother who has cerebral palsy.  A beautiful story.
  2. Surprise engagement party for T & L tonight
  3. Had a productive morning, cleaning the apartment (it was being shown tonight) and just generally doing some stuff that needed to be done.  It felt nice to do that at an unhurried pace.
  4. Love that I still have one more day of weekend left.  Such a needed break at the moment.
  5. Loving that I can watch the major Canadian olympic coverage via livestream over the internet - meaning I can watch it from bed :)


tea said...

Sounds like a nice day.
I have something for you over at my blog. :)

Jenny said...

Yay Canadian Olympics. And you won Gold today, beating a former Canadian now Aussie!

Lisa said...

Thanks Tea :) Hopefully I'll get around to posting that later this week!

And Jenny - yes, the gold was a big deal. Especially since the former Canadian, now Aussie is definitely NOT well-liked here in Canada for his attitude and for leaving just to get his own way.