Monday, February 08, 2010

Twisted Sense of Humor

Okay, so it's a well known fact that my sense of humor is somewhat twisted, but is it bad that I find this hilariously funny?  I'd totally buy it as a gag gift for the right friend!


Dana said...

I love wierd things too! And that pillow is hilarious. :)

You should see my Avenging Unicorn Playset. . .

(aukward silence)

Dana said...


Lisa said...


Anonymous said...

I bet I know where you saw that! ha ha!

Sorry it was a rough night! Eat an Almond Joy...I'm sure chocolate fixes rough starts to the day (even if I'm sending you this at nearly 5 pm my time! Ha!)


Lisa said...

umm, yes, you probably know where I saw it :)

Ooo... Almond Joy - I'm definitely going to eat one, as soon as I finish my late supper here! And it'll definitely fix the rough start to the day :)