Monday, February 08, 2010

Daily 5 - Day 180

Today's Daily 5:
  1. Made it through the Monday - even though today was definitely one of those "really sore, my whole body hurts" kind of days.
  2. Started a new audio book on the train, train, and bus it took to get to my Grandma's house after work
  3. Bought paint so that I can start painting the room I'll be living in this coming weekend
  4. The paint color my grandma picked out totally cracked me up.  It won't mean anything to most of you, because it's sort of thing between God and I, dating back to the trip two years ago that I've shared about this week, but the paint color is "Natural Almond"
  5. Still made it home relatively early, despite a VERY lengthy paint buying errand.  In fact, I think that errand is going to be worthy of it's very own blog post sometime in the next few days.
  6. Have been trading some emails with a dear friend over the last few days that I've deeply appreciated, and been encouraged by
  7. And, since almonds are a theme, I'm still loving the Almond Joy bars I received in the mail last week :)  Savoring them actually...
  8. Came home and my roommate had not only made a plate of dinner for me, but had packed my half of the extra left-overs for my lunch tomorrow.  Was so grateful to get home late and find food waiting.
  9. Grandma actually washed down the walls in the room, giving me a free night this week.  I'd anticipated having to make another trip there to scrub the walls to get them ready for painting.
  10. This article at the BBC made me so happy - they pulled a man alive from the rubble in Haiti today, after 28 days.  Talk about a miracle!