Thursday, February 11, 2010

Daily 5 - Day 183

I was wondering earlier tonight if I was going to find anything to write for this list tonight.  It was just that kind of day, where the battle to really choose to live joyfully felt like a bit of a losing one.  It's amazing how perspective can shift if you're willing to let God work, and if I'm willing to really choose to try to see things differently.  It shocks me every time.

Today's Daily 5:
  1.  I lost my coffee break to an errand for a lunch event I didn't want to attend.  I can choose to think about it that way, or I can remember that it was a really sunny, temperate, Chinooking February day, and because of the errand I got in a ten minute walk in the bright sun.
  2. I accomplished one of the "goals" on my list for the year, and learned how my roommate makes frittata.
  3. The potluck lunch at work which I was dreading, and in many ways didn't enjoy, had great food.  I'm choosing to be thankful for a tasty, free lunch.
  4. After work I showered and styled my hair curly.  I always feel prettier when it's curly, and more like myself, and it was nice to feel that way since home church was tonight.
  5. Hugs from two friends at home church.
  6. Sharing just a little about the upcoming transition, and the ongoing health ramifications from my accident, and being prayed for.  Honestly, those few minutes, surrounded by some really loving ladies, were the highlight of my day.  I pray nearly constantly a lot of days, but I have always found there is something incredibly calming to my spirit when it is hurting, racing, or wounded, in hearing the verbal prayers of someone else for me.  It's like it is in those moments that I am able to quiet the other noise, and let my spirit truly receive from God.
  7. Chatting with a new friend about Haiti, and friend of a friend connections.
  8. One of my new friends is a midwife who is licensed in the states, and not Canada, and isn't ablet to work as a midwife here, and she was present when her sister gave birth last week.  It was fun to see the joy and amazement in her face as she shared her pleasure at being able to witness a birth again.
  9. Chatting with a friend at work for a bit this afternoon.  The day was so rough, and it was nice to just talk about some mundane stuff of life, and not think about the intense stuff for a bit.
  10. Some encouraging emails and thoughts over the last several days from a dear friend.