Friday, February 19, 2010

Almost Weekend

Something about this Garfield cartoon that arrived in my inbox this morning made me laugh.  Maybe because it's definitely been the sort of week where I've spent more hours awake than asleep.

House church went late last night, and when you don't have a vehicle, it means you stay until the people who drove you are also leaving.  Which means I got home after 11.  And that I then dealt with the usual sleep issues.

It was a bit of a rough night again.

Thankfully today will be a pretty laid back day at work.

But I'll be busy tonight.

Tonight is the night for packing my books, and my "altar spaces".  I own probably somewhere around 2000 books.  The altar spaces are simply prayerful reminders, scattered around my bedroom.  With all of those things packed, the transition will truly become real.  For the next week I'll live in a relatively empty space.  It's a little bit crazy to consider, really.

I'm just not entirely certain yet how to process the fact that a week from tomorrow I'll be vacating the apartment that I've loved, in the neighborhood that I've loved, with the roommate I've loved, and moving into my Grandma's basement.  It's not exactly what one would consider an "upwardly mobile" relocation.  Not that I've ever been all that concerned with being upwardly mobile, but I guess some part of me is struggling with that move.  With the fact that, at nearly 27 years of age, for at least the next six months, when asked where I live, the answer will be, "with my Grandma".

I need to write out some thoughts on this move.  I have lots to share.

But for the moment, I'm thinking about tonight.  About packing my books, and all those precious little things that truly make my bedroom a prayerful space.  That make it home.  I'm thinking about the next week lived in transition.  I'm wondering how to make the new space cozy.  I'm considering details like whether or not I need to recruit a few more people to help with the move, how I need to list my couch and loveseat on kijiji, the fact that I definitely need some new audiobooks since my commute is about to become even longer, whether I can work in moving a few more loads of things to Grandma's during the evenings next week, the process of packing our kitchen, and cleaning the apartment, and then the exhale, of doing the process in reverse, unpacking, and creating peace and space and home again.

This is the fourth time I've moved in 3 and a half years.  The packing isn't particularly intimidating anymore, but I'm realizing that sometime late next week it will hit me that I've again made a major transition.  So I'm waiting for that to sink in, and handling preparations in the meantime.