Thursday, February 18, 2010

Daily 5 - Day 190

Today's Daily 5:
  1. Wore new earrings to work today.
  2. Love the feeling of my hair the day after I get it cut, when it's still flat-ironed and pretty.
  3. Got a ride to house church tonight and was able to be with friends.
  4. My friend Renee Altson is making a list of 5 things she's grateful for as a Lenten practice.  I love the idea of this daily list being a part of a Lenten journey.  Check out her first list here, and go back often - her blog is great!  (And, as a side note, if you haven't read her book, you need to.  I read it for the first time at a time in my life when I was absolutely convinced that I was maybe the only person in the world who was trying to follow Jesus but was struggling with some pretty huge issues, including mental health stuff.  Renee's book helped me to see that I wasn't alone.  It was probably at least 5 years ago that I read it for the first time, and I've re-read it at least once a year since.  It is one of maybe two or three books that I will list if asked what books besides the Bible have profoundly shaped my faith journey over the last number of years.)
  5. Thankful for some moments of very early morning prayer, and song lyrics playing through my thoughts today.


renee said...

aw shucks. :) thank you. I really like being on your list!!!

Lisa said...