Wednesday, January 13, 2010


Last night, for the first time in nine months, I forgot to take a couple of medications/supplements before I went to bed.

Which isn't a huge nasty problem, until you consider that one of those was the one that lets me sleep.

Which again, wouldn't have been a problem if I'd realized that this was the trouble with sleep that I was having at any one of the several times I woke through the night.

Do you know when I realized it?  6 am.  As in half an hour before I needed to roll out of bed and start my day.  Whoops!

Last night was also a night of crazy intense dreams.  Lots of recurrent themes and processing going on while I was alseep.  Just not much rest.

What does that boil down to?  Well, it boils down to a day spent praying (all those dreams, you know) and a day that is probably going to be a bit groggy.

Ah, well.  I've got my cup of passion tea, and some organic dried mango slices, and with that, I'm off to face the day!