Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Daily 5 - Day 154

Today's Daily 5:
  1. Enjoying dinner with friends and laughing at their daughter's antics
  2. a full, but again, quite calm day at work
  3. the moments of perspective I blogged about earlier - I am often grateful for those God given moments of clarity
  4. a little bit of time to just quietly read before sleeping (I'll remember to take my meds tonight!)
  5. a heart at prayer
  6. staring at a budget sheet and knowing that if I pinch a little, I can afford to give money to meet a few needs that have come to my attention this week
  7. staring at a budget sheet and not feeling terrified.  For me, money can be terrifying.  It's oddly comforting to update a budget and realize that a habit of spending simply because I could, or because I felt emotionally exhausted is one that is now somewhat under control, and, that, as the debt I accrued becomes more under control, I will be able to not only make more discretionary purchases, but I will have more to give - and that pleases me deeply.
  8. thankful tonight for a house over my head, and safety, and praying for those in Haiti who have neither
  9. thankful too for the availability of medical care, and the medications and supplements I need
  10. Chocolate sea shells - because they're one of my favorites, and a great way to end an evening and a list like this for the day.