Tuesday, January 12, 2010


I got to my office a little bit earlier than usual this morning, and as I was going through my routine of preparing for the day (checking some blogs, journaling a little, sorting myself out - I get to the office about half an hour before my work day starts deliberately so that I can have that little bit of "me" time to prepare for the day), I glanced out the window and smiled.

The sunrise was stunning for a few minutes this morning.  I took a few photos, that I'll upload later when I'm at home, but they don't do it justice.  For just a few moments the sky was painted in pinks and oranges and purples.  I took photos, watched for a few minutes, and then turned my attention back to preparing for the day.  When I glanced up again, the color was gone.

Just momentary, but a beautiful gift, and I was thankful.


Dana said...

I love these kind of moments! :) I have them sometimes while I'm driving somewhere early in the morning. . .it's like "thanks God"!!

Lisa said...

yes! totally like that :)