Monday, January 11, 2010

Daily 5 - Day 152

Today's Daily 5:
  1. laughing at lines in emails from various friends
  2. spent some time today thinking about the incredible change I've seen in some of my friends as they've become mothers - this crazy blossoming in them that's been really cool to see.  I was thinking about it because another friend is now within a month of her due date and I got an email from her today.  Suppose it seems a weird topic for a happily single girl to be pondering, but I really do think it's been this incredible blessing, and I've loved watching my friends bloom in this way.
  3. listening to an audio book driving home from work today.  the one I started on the weekend.  actually quite enjoying this one, even when it's stirring some odd memories.
  4. peanut m&m's - okay, these haven't made my list in a while, give me a break.  A girl's gotta have a little chocolate, and nuts are good for me (so is chocolate for that matter!) - I read an article at some point today that told me so :)
  5. not having to cook dinner - love when my roommate takes a turn and we still get to eat great food.
  6. grocery shopping is done for the week.  and it was QUICK!  love that!
  7. Did some meal prep for tomorrow night - a friend and her baby are joining us for dinner, and I'm making new recipe #2 for the month (which reminds me that I still haven't done anything about the photos of new recipe #1... I'll get on that... after this week, when I'm not insanely busy)
  8. feeling some changes in my heart, and loving them, and even being able to articulate them a little.
  9. candle lit in my oil burner all evening
  10. the grocery store actually had everything we needed (this is a rare occurrence, often leading to last minute meal ingredient subsitutions, and/or trips to a different grocery store after visiting the first store)