Saturday, January 23, 2010


At about 4:00 I curled up in my bedroom.

The plan is to be here for the rest of the day.

To deal with some budgeting and paperwork.

To read.

To write.

To pray.

To rest.

The day was full. 

A health appointment this morning with my natural health practioner.

Then errands for a while with my mom.

Then home, a quick lunch, and the spur of the moment decision to grocery shop for the week to come with my roommate.  That decision was made because I'm trying to jealously guard my free evenings in the coming week, to guard the margin space, the time for rest that I've created.  I didn't want to give up one of those evenings to a task so odious as grocery shopping at the soul-sucking mega store.

So I'm sitting here, curled up, sipping a lemon-mango fruit infusion tea, and smelling lavender burning in my oil burner.

And this is where I plan to stay, emerging only very occasionally, until bedtime.

And tonight I'm hoping for sleep, because tomorrow will also be full.

I'll be back later with the daily 5, and maybe one or two other posts as well.  See ya then!