Monday, January 04, 2010

Daily 5 - Day 145

145 days ago I wrote this introduction to these daily lists.  I can't quite believe I've lasted this long.  It's a sort of goal to continue to write these daily lists (whether they have 5, or more often now, out of the ongoing need to really challenge myself to find joy and things to be grateful for amidst my day, 10 items.).

Today started in a pretty rough way, with some dreams.  It ended just a little bit sad and reflective, thinking and writing, and praying for some people I care about who are facing a variety of very challenging situations right now.  But the inbetween was mostly good, and that is what I'm choosing to focus on today.

Today's Daily "5":
  1. Remembering that the anxiety I woke into out of the dreams was not something I needed to own.  The situation in the dream is one that I can proactively handle, and one that I can choose not to worry about.  It's a step to remember that.  It'll be a bigger step when I can consistently put that into action!
  2. A good first day back at work
  3. Crazy out of control credit card calls, but a calmness amidst that, and actually feeling really grateful for my job, and wanting to be really pleasant with customers stuck paying large insurance bills right after the holidays.
  4. Grateful that we caught an issue with payroll, and then a second issue with payroll, nice and early, and not next week when it needs to be processed.
  5. Thankful that the payroll company provided good customer service and will be able to resolve the issue (even if I did have to spend nearly an hour, over the course of two calls, on hold)
  6. Thankful that my phone company did finally clear up a billing issue I've had for a few months.  I had to call them because I received a letter in the mail threatening to disconnect my service for non-payment.  Turns out the letter got sent out just before I called them and they managed to resolve the issue.  It could have been a much uglier phone call.
  7. Thankful for the first natural health treatment I've had in a month.  I was feeling pretty crummy and am definitely feeling a bit better thanks to the treatment.
  8. Thankful for the moments when the words actually flow and my heart connects to my fingers
  9. Thankful for the turkey and cranberry panini my mom served me, and the hamburger soup my roommate made - both of which were part of my supper tonight
  10. Thankful that even though there were delays on the train coming home tonight, I still made it to where I needed to be on time, and had a nice chat with a lady on the train in the meantime.  The conversation made me grateful for my own health (limited though it's been) and mobility - she was in an accident over a year ago, was off work for 11 months, and is still waiting for clearance from her doctor to begin driving again.  And she taught me something about gratefulness too - she's super excited to be moving to a different apartment, simply because it's only a few blocks from where she works downtown, and she won't have to make the train commute, which is challenging for someone with a spinal injury in a packed out c-train.  Random encounter, but somehow, Jesus was in it for me.