Sunday, December 27, 2009

Quiet Sunday

I went to my parent's church this morning, and then accepted their invitation to join them for a turkey chilli lunch.  (Not, by the way, made from Christmas dinner leftovers, but from ground turkey.)

During and after lunch I engaged in the time honored tradition on Mom's side of the family (she's from Wisconsin) of watching the Green Bay Packers play football.  And the even more time honored tradition of falling asleep while you're supposed to be watching football.

If I'm going to watch professional sports, football is definitely my preference.  However, I've always said that football is also the best for falling asleep to.  Hockey commentators get too excited and yell a lot at the unexpected twists and turns of a hockey game, and make it harder to lull yourself into sleep!

This afternoon I have a little work to do on my blog, and then, well, who knows...

If the weather stays nice and I can recruit someone to tag along, I might go check out zoo lights tonight.  Or I might head back to mom and dad's and watch another movie.

But I'd imagine the day will stay pretty low key!