Sunday, December 27, 2009

New Look

Well, since the template I was using for my blog sort of self destructed and erased the pretty blue flowers that were in my header, and replaced them with a particularly ugly warning message, I figured it was probably time to switch things up again.

I'm liking the new look.  The template is called "echo history" which seems somehow appropriate for someone who is a history geek!  Plus, it reminded me of some of the fonder memories of my time in Europe, and stirred the longing to go back to Rome in particular, and I'm always grateful for those reminders and stirrings.

And, since in the process of changing the template, I had to rebuild my entire list of links, I've updated it and added several new links that weren't there before.  Check some of the blogs out - even the ones that haven't been updated recently have some really great content in their archives.

And now, having spent close to three hours fixing the blog, I'm off to find something to eat for supper.  I'm hungry!

And let's all pray that this template lasts a while, and doesn't require changes, because I'm not in any hurry to repeat that tedious project again anytime soon!


Anonymous said...

Ha ha ha! I looked at this one yesterday and contemplated it - but couldn't see how it (and several others) wouldn't mean losing all my blogs I follow and that would be catastrophic (hee hee) and time consuming to replace. Thus I went with one that I could change only the background and not the template of...especially since I'll probably change it again in a few weeks, as seems to be my new tradition! Ha!

As soon as I saw "new look" I thought...hmmm...what are the odds you were debating between some of the same ones I did!? And what do you know :-) LOL

Needless to say, I like it! Very travelesque and much brighter!

Hugs, friend!

Anonymous said...

Oh, and next time you're looking for a baking item, the one and only thing I baked this year was a huge hit (and way easier than people think!) Chocolate and mint. Yum, yum! :-)

Lisa said...

You have been changing yours a lot lately! Funny that you were wondering if I was looking at some you'd been looking at - I was wondering the same thing this afternoon :) (AND it did take FOREVER to rebuild my list of blogs I follow, though I took a few steps that should make it slightly quicker next time...)

I actually almost emailed you to find out where you went to look for templates, before I settled on this one. To be honest, I kind of miss the dark background, but couldn't find anything with a dark background that also had some color, so this one it is!

Anonymous said...

I discovered the trick was searching for blogger or blogspot backgrounds as opposed to templates - wish I had known you were hunting - I saved hundreds of links yesterday (yeah, got a wee bit obsessed with all of the interesting sites I found with possibilities). Then you can just lay them over a minima (or some other standards) blogger background.

:-) Next time you contemplate a change let me know and I'll give you some of the links I found.

And yes, I guess I've been a little ADD with mine lately. It started when one of the ones I liked went kaput actually, too, and then, well...had to make use of some of the fun ones I found. Except then I go to switch it to one of those after a while and find a horde of others I want to use too...Ha ha.

I really do like the look, though! The part on the top right of the header reminds me of an underground or subway route map :-)

Lisa said...

yep, totally reminded me of either the "tube" map in London, or more recently the map of Toronto's subway!