Thursday, December 31, 2009

Mourning and Thankful

I was doing pretty well with the whole New Year's Eve thing until I chatted briefly with a dear friend on the other side of the country.  Then, the tears flowed for a while.

I find it hard not to mourn the relationships that have so changed, or been so broken.

I wrestle with the appropriate way to grieve those changes without being caught permanently in the brokenness of the moments.

So, I cried, and then I got up, and showered, and straightened my hair (not an easy task, or one I'm particularly good at yet.)

In a little while I'll head over to my parent's home for the evening.  I'll spend some time with them and their friends, and I'll likely be home early (for new year's anyway.)

I'll take the baking that I haven't yet managed to give away, and see if I can get more of it enjoyed by others.

And I'll remember the many blessings of the year, even while mourning the broken moments.

I'll be back later with a daily 5 - maybe before midnight, or maybe not.

Happy New Year.