Wednesday, December 02, 2009

Full Moon

I started and ended my day driving in the dark. Because that's what you get this time of year. Lots of dark. It makes me grateful that I don't live any further north than I do.

And in each direction there was a full moon (or nearly full).

This morning it hung bright, white, glowing in the Western sky. Somehow full of promise.

Tonight it hung low, yellow, and reflective in the Eastern sky.

Tonight the moon seemed strangely full of wisdom, of knowing, as it hung there, and I wanted to cry a little as I stared at it and pondered some of the stranger events of my day.

Tonight it reminded me of people and things and moments. Of people I love. Of people I wish could know love. Of a tiny, stinging moment of brokenness in the midst of the day.

Tonight it stirred regrets and prayers.

This morning it stirred prayers too, but not the kind laced with longing regrets.

Tonight, as I watched the moon and drove, the tears sat just below the surface, waiting to fall.