Wednesday, December 02, 2009

Crazy Days (Redux)

I am surviving.

And even kind of smiling.

We finished a major annual project today, by about noon. We'd really expected it to drag into tomorrow.

Onto the next projects. (There are several.)

It was nice to actually be thanked for our contributions, especially since our department most definitely pitched in more than usual for something that is definitely not really ours to do.

And now I'm exhausted, and pondering.

The adrenaline is fading.

And I'm starting to re-realize the "weird intercessor space" that I started the day in.

And once again I'm waiting and pondering and praying.

Pondering a moment that stung.

Pondering the people who rest heavy on my heart today.

Thinking gratefully that someone at least paused to say thanks.

Feeling the pull of Advent, the movement towards birth.

And I move, oh so slowly, forward.