Thursday, December 17, 2009

Daily 5 - Day 127

To be honest, I really don't feel like making a list of 5 or more things that I am thankful for, or that make me smile today. I want to cry, or at least whine a little. I have a few thoughts on the idea of community and belonging to share, but I think I'll let those percolate for a night or so, and re-approach tomorrow or sometime future. And I'll come up with a Daily 5 list, because that was the whole point anyway - to come up with things that help me change my perspective to a more positive, joyful, and life-giving one.

So, here it is, today's Daily 5:
  1. I'm thankful that the annual review is over for another year, that it was mostly positive, and that in a time when money is tight it does come with a bit of a raise.
  2. I'm thankful that I attended the christmas party for the house group I'm becoming involved in tonight. It was very challenging to be there after the day I had, and the week I've had, but I'm glad for the few laughs and the brief moments of conversation.
  3. I'm thankful that work was far less explosive today than it could have been.
  4. I'm thankful for leftover ravioli lasagna in the fridge tonight for a quick, easy, and tasty supper in between work and house group
  5. I'm thankful for all the other bloggers who've been writing challenging and inspiring or simply just funny stuff this week while I've been so bogged down in the stuff of life.