Thursday, December 17, 2009

Challenging Day

This has been a very challenging day.

Besides the thought processes I discussed this morning, the deeply personal wrestles, it is a day that on a practical level has had immense potential for explosion.

An annual performance review this morning had me feeling very uncertain. Thanks to some particularly challenging inter-office dynamics, my last one was less than stellar and had me looking for new work. The office dynamics changed about 8 months ago, and my new position has been much better, but I was still very uncertain about the review. Thankfully it was mostly positive, and I'm excited about some of the potential for growth and training in my position that will come in the new year.

Other office dynamics have become explosive again this week, and the tension around the office has been increasing all day, and explosions are threatening or still seemingly imminent.

So it's been a mixed and very challenging day.

Thankfully my mood has been relatively peaceful, but I'm feeling the drain of the tensions, and am quite exhausted at the moment.

I'm going to a Christmas party with a group of new friends tonight. I'm not certain I'm anywhere near the Christmas spirit, but I'm sure going to try to just relax and enjoy myself.

And I'm incredibly grateful that tomorrow is the last day of work for the week.

A weekend will be a blessing after the week I've had.