Tuesday, December 08, 2009

Daily 5 - Day 118

Today's Daily 5:
  1. Pork and mango tacos for dinner
  2. a safe drive home, even if the onset of winter still has all the roads clogged (it took an hour to drive what usually takes 20 minutes). I am grateful every time I make it safely home in the winter
  3. a soft warm blanket to curl up in
  4. the sense of accomplishment in fixing something myself. I darned the thumbs of my favorite mittens tonight. The mittens were a gift from my brothers, purchased with a matching toque at my particular request last Christmas because they were fairly traded, and I love them and was quite distressed when the thumbs began coming apart. I'm quite pleased with the results of my stitching them back together with wool that blends in nicely.
  5. scriptures coming to mind as my heart is praying
  6. trading emails with a dear friend as I was in the midst of wrestling
  7. the reminder of God's grace amidst very hard situations
  8. I'm grateful that my heart responds to the seasons of the church, as unpleasant as the pull of seasons like advent and lent can be. I think they really do shape my heart.
  9. "I am waiting. Come Lord Jesus." This prayer is a particular encouragement today.
  10. another odd license plate that stirred a smile, and caused my heart again to pray.