Tuesday, December 08, 2009

Waiting and Praying

I love the simple advent prayer, "I am waiting, Come Lord Jesus," that has been appearing at The Ragamuffin Diva through this advent season.

I received some very sad news this morning, and a heart that was already praying is now truly and deeply drawn to prayer.

Today I am waiting and praying.

  • for some who are grieving
  • for those sorting out next steps
  • for hurting friends and family
  • for new relationships forming
  • while waiting and inviting Jesus to come
  • with longing
  • and with hope
  • knowing peace
  • and longing for peace to grow within me
  • for things that can't be expressed in words
  • with gratefulness for friends, scattered around the world though they may be
  • while pondering things to come and wondering about thing still uncertain
  • with gratefulness for family, in all of it's odd forms
  • remembering the feast celebrated today "The Immaculate Conception" and Gabriel's words to Mary, "you who are highly favored" and Mary's response "may it be as you have said."
  • for new life more abundant in so many forms
  • because my heart cannot help but cry out.