Friday, December 04, 2009

Daily 5 - Day 114

Today's Daily "5":
  1. Safe driving
  2. A christmas party that got moved, and was far better than expected because of the move
  3. making it to my natural health treatment in spite of the weather
  4. Loving the lyrics to this Christmas song that Paul Brandt and his wife Elizabeth wrote a few years back.
  5. lighting candles, sipping tea, eating jello, being wrapped in a blanket, wearing freshly washed pjs, and simply enjoying a quiet evening of prayer
  6. loving a quote from Mother Teresa about Advent - will blog more about that coming soon
  7. a hug from my mom at my treatment this afternoon
  8. the fun of pulling together with several ladies on staff to turn a fairly utilitarian boardroom into a space suitable for a staff christmas party, on very short notice, with very limited resources, and creating a space that looked and felt festive.
  9. realizing while arriving at the end of a week that has in some ways been quite hard that there is new life slowly forming within me, and that amidst the hardness of the week, I am joyful in deep places
  10. I'm thankful for LP/CA who has offered encouragement, the advantage of a perspective separate from my daily life, and whose emails have helped me this week as I've been processing some challenging events of late.