Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Daily 5 - Day 97

Today's Daily 5 (and more):
  1. quiet evening at home
  2. pancake sandwich for supper (peanut butter and blackberry jam)
  3. long hot shower and spending longer than usual caring for my skin and hair afterwards
  4. trying a new recipe (chicken gumbo) while pre-making tomorrow night's supper
  5. cranberry scented room oil for burning in my oil burner
  6. updating my budget - though I don't love the work of it, right now I'm loving how much less stressed I'm feeling about money (one of the easiest stressors for me) because of needing to stick to a set budget for a while.
  7. listening to Ingrid Michaelson
  8. crawling in bed early, catching up on things
  9. sending an email that may lead to a slight risk, and to checking out a house church this week or next
  10. looking at the pictures we took last night (see below!) with F. and baby A. and enjoying them and the memory of cuddling A. all over again.