Monday, November 16, 2009

Daily 5 - Day 96

This was an incredibly off-kilter icky sort of day, but it ended really well, and I had a great evening cuddling a beautiful sleeping eight week old baby girl. You'll have to forgive me if several of today's daily list come from my evening plans!

Today's Daily 5 (or 10):
  1. Topping today's list (which are generally in no particular order and are only numbered so I know when I reach 5 or 10 without stopping to count) is spending a few hours with baby A. cuddled against me. And she was asleep almost the whole time.
  2. Laughing with A's mom, at the funny way she stretches and sprawls in her sleep - at one point she was laying in my lap, with both arms straight out to either side. No swaddling for this baby to sleep, she fights and kicks until she gets free!
  3. Visiting over dinner and catching up with my friend F. We were involved in Young Life together in high school, which makes her one of my longest standing relationships. At that time she was already dating the guy she eventually married, and it's fun (if somewhat surreal) to have a friendship that has spanned, high school, university, jobs, figuring out careers, a little traveling on each of our parts, her marriage, and now the birth of her daughter. (We're grown-ups! When did that happen???)
  4. Pea and bacon pasta, with garlic bread for dinner.
  5. Cooking for a friend - I love cooking for other people, but particularly for the friends who I know really appreciate it because they don't cook much for themselves, or cook very simple meals.

    'CoverCover via Amazon

  6. Having the kid's Christmas book I bought yesterday as a baby gift be one my friend didn't have (always a gamble with a friend who LOVES Christmas, and is also an elementary school teacher who's been collecting kids' books for almost as long as I've known her.) The book, by the way, is "The Christmas Miracle of Jonathan Toomey" and is definitely my all-time favorite kid's Christmas book. The illustrations are beautiful, but more importantly, the story is absolutely fabulous.
  7. Yoga tonight - it was good to stretch a bit
  8. watching A. smile in her sleep
  9. Seeing how well F. has adapted to being a "mom" and loving getting to see her in that role.
  10. Curling up in bed, reflecting on how, even after a pretty crappy day, (from the moment I woke to when I finally made it home after work), I was able to have a really beautiful evening, and that's what I'm going to remember from this day, more than all the hard or crappy or really off-kilter moments.
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Becky Smith said...

Beautiful blog and beautiful writing.

And yes, I too love cuddling with a sleeping baby. Wish I could do it more often!

Lisa said...

Thanks for stopping by!