Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Daily 5 - Day 90

I have this friend who loves the number 9. Because of her, I always think reaching milestones like 90 days of showing up here and making a list of things I'm grateful for, or basically any milestone with a 9 in it, are good ones!

So, here's today's Daily 5 (or more):
  1. Talking on skype (even with some technical difficulties) for about an hour with A. tonight, and having time to pray together as well
  2. A nice quiet day at work
  3. Listening to some good preaching while I signed Christmas cards at my desk for an hour or two this afternoon
  4. A grocery shopping trip that was relatively calm (something I actually prayed would be true in the time I lay awake before rising this morning)
  5. Another night of getting yoga done (2 more days left in this 4 day exercise cycle)
  6. getting to turn off my alarm for tomorrow morning, since tomorrow is a holiday for me
  7. shared humor with a friend
  8. home made cookies from the weekend
  9. pizza for dinner, and leftover pizza for a later night blogging snack
  10. reaching ninety days of showing up and writing a list like this of things I'm grateful for, or things that are making me smile.